The Doorway

It’s six in the morning, the fog’s still not lifted,
the dew is still covering the ground
The gulls have not wakened, a taxicab waits
for a fare that may never come ‘round

And there by a storefront which hadn’t seen business
in almost a year and a half
A young woman stood in a doorway unlit
in hopes no one noticed her as they passed

Though few would have seen her this time of the day
with their own lives so fresh on their minds
There may have been more to this girl in the doorway
than anyone might understand

She looked quite pathetic for sure, she’d agree
and her coat was too thin for the fall
And breakfast that morning was not going to happen
no matter how hard hunger called

Just one step from comfort, a bath to soak in,
a warm bed to lay in and dream
But life for this creature was not always kind
and no one was giving a damn