Harbour Lady

You look out ‘cross the Lady at the harbour and the view
She’s misty in the cool mornin’ air
Looks just like on the postcards and don't mean to boast
But just awhile ago the Olympics were here

You always will remember, how could you ever forget
Those beaches on a sunny afternoon
English Bay bikinis, those Kitsilano waters
Or the Banks by the light of the moon

   Harbour Lady so lovely, you got lions above
   On the mountains lookin’ down over you
   Let’s take a walk along the seawall round by the park
   Where the whales are playin’ down at the zoo

The view from the Seabus sort of takes your breath away
Her towers as they tumble to the sky
Big sails a’flyin', those long white ocean liners
And the freighters as the tugboats pull them by

You can hop the False Creek Ferry down to Granville Island,
Maybe see a mushroom dome as big as a cloud
And we saw Halley comin’ when the Lady hit a hundred
With Expo here to welcome the world

She’s got a special glow at night when nothin’ but her lights are on
And Granville is a carnival fair
The steam clock blows at twelve and Gassy Jack is well
On his way down to Blood Alley Square

I love those Robson aromas, the way that God looks over her
In the afternoon down at the docks
And so to lovely Vancouver, that Lady of the Future
Captain George and Lord Stanley, thanks a lot!