The Mingling Crowd

How high can you fly with no wings on your body
No feathers to don golden skin
And where could you go with no sense of direction
No meaning and no place to go
You may arrive
But don’t feel that someone is waiting
Just ask anyone if they’ll take you along
And then follow the mingling crowd

Try disappearing behind someone's shadow
In the midst of a fortune of night
And hide from the wisdom of the courage of cowards
Who wait for tomorrow to strike
Alone just with time
That leaves you to kindle an ember
And then as you’re warming a teardrop of longing
Remember the mingling crowd

    Why must they doubt
    Someone who needs them
    Someone who tried to foresee
    Won’t someone answer me

The tension is breaking, relieving the aching
And the knowledge of nothing is sin
Let go of your mind and just drift as the wind blows
And float through the air as a dream
You may be high
But the ground may also be reaching
In falling beware of a rustling below
It might be the mingling crowd