Some Silent Pitter Patter Morning

Softly, oh softly at a tattered window pane
As majestic clouds came rolling in
With whispers calling, rain
And hints of rainbow blades of grass
Did shiver from the cold
In the silence of a pitter patter morning

So gently did an old man rise from slumber of the eve
And weary bones gave quiet groans
In efforts to believe
That today still followed yesterday
Tomorrow yet to come
With another silent pitter patter morning

Then massive hands did stretch and yawn and life began to flow
With passing dreams of finer years
At rest, now grown old
But life did not retreat his tale
His legend still to fall
On some other silent pitter patter morning

So why would but a poet young with years so full ahead
Take moments yearned by those who lost
And find some words to wed
Upon a scribbled flake of parchment
Of a man about to die
On another silent pitter patter morning

So many men have come and gone like shadows in the night
Remembered but by chosen few
In tears of soft delight
But what could men be searching for
As born to life and fear
They die some silent pitter patter morning