The Tambor Song

     Some of them won’t make it, no, no, some of them can’t take it
     It’s a long way from that pink chiffon to a homegrown baked on café bronze
     Some of them’ll cry “Oh, oh, I got a little much too rojo”
     In Tambor Bay that first day in the sun

Comin’ in on the evening bus, they were makin’ such a helluva fuss
Herman even turned the water on, the first time in over a week
Then the town folk gave up theirs, so the new folks could sit in the chairs
“Hey, ocho cerbeza, muy pronto, if you please”

They ordered waffles in the morning, got a cute little grin from Tony
They got the Rice and Beans and the coffee much too strong
Then they all ran down to the sand, said, “I’m gonna get as much sun as I can
I’m gonna bake my body if it takes me all day long”

They spent the best part of the tardes lyin’ flat out on their carcass
Dreams of juicy steaks and ice cream in their heads
They were dyin’ from the heat, when along came the time to eat
“You want the Rice and Beans or the Beans and Rice instead?”

Goin’ out on the mornin’ bus two days later in a helluva muss
They were sunstroked bad all glowin’ like the light of the moon
You could smell all kinds of cream, and a bit of those Rice and Beans
You gotta take your time when you tan in our lagoon