Selvington Grove

Deep in the forest of Selvington Grove
Where a lad in his journey did chance in his rove
On a handsome young maiden lay bathing so fair
He was struck by the glory of beauty so rare

Feared of how to approach her he coughed in his hand
Then the maid did awake, she turned from him and ran
And she screamed loud and shrill to express her alarm
He cried, “Tender young maiden, I bring you no harm”

She was frightened but still she believed of his words
As she hid in the bushes of Selvington Grove
And she watched as he came and her fear left her mind
For his stature seemed honest, his face it was kind

As he reached her he said in a voice which was clear
“Was it something I did which would cause you such fear?”
She said, “ No, no kind sir, I knew not it was you
I feared only a villain whose thoughts would be cruel”

Then he stretched out his hand and she offered him hers
And they walked hand in hand never saying a word
Then they lay side by side near the place she had bathed
Deep in Selvington Grove ‘neath the sun’s golden rays

Aloud were his thoughts as he kissed her sweet breath
“Tender maiden my love has no shelter or rest
And I beg you forgive me for now I must go
May we meet here tomorrow in Selvington Grove”

When she went in the morning he had not come by
And she waited long hours ‘till day was to die
Then she wept in her sorrow of how she’d been wronged
By the handsome young rover who happened along

Then she took of a tree limb so long and so sharp
And she plunged it so deep to her broken young heart
And e’er as she died she could see a young man
With a stature so honest, a face which was kind

With her last words she told him she feared he had fled
And he told her he’d gone to prepare for their wed
Then she died as she kissed him with all of her love
Near the place of her bathing in Selvington Grove