Only a Shadow

A seemingly tired but gamely shadow
   crossed my slumbered path today
In the waning form of someone that I knew
And in soft but fragrant mellow tones
   that barely whispered to my ear
The shadow seemed to me, to be like you

When it asked me of my goal in life and what I planned to be
Or if I first must find out who I am
My mind was stung by memories, for you had said the same
And even you had tried to understand

And as we softly dangled in a conversation long
The passersby would stop, and on me frown
To them it seemed unlikely that a young man on his own
Would talk before a shadow on the ground

Now although it sounds absurd for me to
   feel that you might be
Some uncasted murky shade of early night
At some time in our troubles disregarding where we are
Our minds will tend to drift beyond our sight

And if ever on your travels be it one day soon to fall
A hastened shadow seems to call upon your way
Please don’t try to shun his presence,
   bend an ear and listen long
For the shadow may have something else to say