Tongue Tied

Great day, which way, let’s pray, on the railway
Say when, once again, with a big grin, and let the dog in
My town, big bloodhound, but don’t frown, or ever be drowned

   When I think of you I get so tongue-tied
   Can’t find the words I need to tell you things like

Nice smile, you got great style, an old phone dial, in a junk pile
Late night, it was out of sight, lost a bar fight, she had a great right
Tooth floss, such a low cost, try the hot sauce, why don’t you get lost

You’re fine, hit the rewind, and I don’t mind, shorter hemlines
Night dreams, day dreams, have a wet dream, and tons of ice cream
Can’t bend, can I get an amen, got some loose ends, like an old man

Don’t fear, they won’t hear, have a cold beer, life is too queer
Deep sin, violin, you’re all in, with a big grin
I made bail; it’s a sad tale, got an email, said I can’t fail

Makes sense, in the past tense, I’m like a wood fence, it’s just a pretence
Large feet, I can’t eat, it’s a dark street, push the delete
Fried rice, or was it head lice, can’t always be nice, and never think twice

Long life, got a great wife, havin’ no strife, wash the bread knife
Small talk, got a pet rock, and the shock jock, is really Goldilocks
Road rage, saw the Bird Cage, turned a new page, found a lost wage
True blue, like a church pew, time to renew, and have a pee you
Big dogs, ground hogs, I’m in a dense fog, smell the burnt logs
A bright sky, hold your head high, remember don’t cry,
  when you’re tongue tied