Whisper Sound

Through the night of eerie darkness, coloured blackness all around
Many thoughts are soon encountered from the dying whisper sound
All the trees have ceased their calling, all the kin have gone to lair
And the silence there is captured with the whisper ever there
Muted silence, ever present, movement waiting, never stirs
Seldom faintly sounding whispers for it means a death who dares

Life is living, death is dying, both are partners waiting here
Only time for hurried breeding, one lot goes, the next appears
Constant rumors, idle gossip through the day are common found
But in nighttime seldom venture trying out their whisper sound
High above a swooping eagle souring down upon his prey
He has heard the sound of whisper, one to silence ‘fore the day

For in fields of spreading greenland where the ever present air
Of survival of the stronger is the only law that’s fair
It is much the same as laws of ours, all for one and one for all
With each creature seeking out its' prey waiting for the whisper call
In the shadows faintly gleaming glows an eye of living fire
Then a faintly muffled whisper, once again one learns to die

All around the lengthened shadows quivering starlight gently falls
Far away in peaceful silence, brave and lonely faintly call
And in deep and darkened mist where love and hate and life and death
Are known as one and live together sounds of whisper faintly heard
Suddenly a challenged whisper answered by a fearless roar
Shriek of terror, smothered quickly; he’ll not whisper any more

Naught but shadows steal below me, none but mighty dare to move
For the scene is one of longing waiting for escaping moon
Then with radiance seldom captured, sun’s majestic rays of dawn
Once again each creature ventures; once again, the whisper sound
Muted silence, ever present; movement waiting, never stirs
Seldom faintly sounding whispers, for it means a death who dares