Bimini Jim

Met him in a cantina when the moon was half full
And the surf jumpin’ high from the sea
He was tellin’ some gringos the right lures to use
Where all the best fishin’ might be
He had a grin like a Cheshire, a glint in his eye
Spinnin’ stories ‘bout where he’d once been
Got a tan like an outdated Coppertone ad
And we all called him Bimini Jim

     Bimini Jim, where have you been
     Has Roger kept you waitin’ around
     You’ve been into the rum you old son of a gun
     Ain’t there nothin’ left to do in this town

Now Jimmy was born quite a long time ago
In Cat Cay off South Bimini Isle
He was raised chasin’ marlin for the tourists
He’d string up their lines with his incredible style
He’d tie a twist ‘round his toe like his grandma had done
Wrap it over, ’round and under and in
Slip it inside and out and pull it tight as a drum
“Now that’s the Bimini Twist” would say Jim

Jimmy left the Bahamas, it’s been twelve years or more
Now he’s known from Limon to Tambor
And he cracked up his boat, since then he’s been broke
He just can’t chase those marlin no more
But you give him some time and a bottle of wine
A cerbeza or a jigger of gin
You’ll soon see that now famous Bimini Twist
From that infamous Bimini Jim

Now I suppose you’ve been wondering who this Roger guy is
Who always keeps Jim waitin’ ‘round
He’s just got an old truck and sometimes he used to
Bring old Jim down to town
Then we’d all grab a bottle, a hoot and a holler
Swap stories ‘bout where we’d all been
Now all I got left is this Coppertone ad
And this song about Bimini Jim