The dawn finally sprang in the space of my mind
To reveal shaded pictures, which left me unkind
To the thoughts I had treasured o’er the years of my past
Now I’m free to seek futures that must be mine at last

But I can’t help to wonder as I hurriedly write
Of my life as I lived it, and watched it take flight
To the far reaching corners of my subconscious brain
Was it worth all the beauty, was it worth all the pain

We are what we are, because of what we have done
Made of us a mold of our tears and our fun
For we never can be what we still not have tried
And it’s time for me now for to learn not to hide

In my dreams of perfection as I once thought they were
The escaping illusion I can now see was her
And alone I am now, only one thing to do
As a quote from the past, to thine own self be true