Ode To An Island

‘Twas an island of rainbows as the morn stretched in yawning
While the waves silent ripples brought the glow of the dawning
And the lawn was made from summer blades
   still twinkling from the dewfall
As a ray of sunlight kissed them all the ecstasy they knew of
Made them shiver in excitement of delusions of the morning
But the virgin hour was waning as a breath of life was forming
On an island of rainbows of love

Then a tender eye would sparkle to anticipate a reason
For to jump into the open and then run beneath the trees and
Then to lay before the sunlight and to worship all the glory
Of the visions deep in grandeur cast on alters fed from worry
That a cloud might mar the picture in a pastel shade of dreaming
On a canvas of a summer wind and framed within the trees
Upon an island of rainbows of love

In a scene of flowered beauty a mirage in desert shadows
As the prey of stronger moments seems to seep out from the gallows
Of a cascade form of caverns from the womb of Mother Nature
As her arms seek out enfolding all the warm still not recaptured
As a war in torment raging near across the silkened waters
But the sound is ever silent for the wars are all forgotten
On an island of rainbows of love

Then the leaves softly rustled in a sigh faintly calling
For to freshen a weeping and to cushion their falling
To a down of mossy fragrance sheltered only by a shadow
Where they rested in a dreaming of today but not tomorrow
For the beauty is prevailing o’er the wrong and the evil
As the past is honed and withered where a lesser love was feeble
To an island of rainbows of love

And the sun traveled slowly through a haven of kindness
From the soft glowing radiance that may still cure mens’ blindness
From the blue sky a’smilin’ to the soft waters foaming
And a thought hovered slightly from the ebb of the morning
When the minds of the weary would relax all the worry
And remember the good times and the now dormant glory
Of an island of rainbows of love

On an island of rainbows by the roll of the water
Mother Nature is waiting as I gaze on her daughter
For her shy but flowing wisdom tends to carry me in motion
And I know I’m almost crazy with my longing and devotion
For I now can find a freedom in the sparkle of the colour
Of the rainbow from the heavens who will watch me as I love her
On an island of rainbows of love