Sometimes it’s the morning
   Sometimes, it’s a little past noon
   Sometimes it’s the evening
   Sometimes I still don’t think of you

Way back as kids when we were three or four
One day in that old house you don’t live in any more
We were playin’ doctor, your dad caught us, fancy that
Chased me all the way home, swingin’ his baseball bat

School days were the cruel days we were growin’ up too fast
We’d go down to the drive-in, and park way in the back
Talk about our virtues and the things that folks might say
Didn’t seem to matter much, we’d still go all the way

Finally we got married and had four kids in a row
Diapers to pajamas, kindergarten on through school
Figured you were happy, you didn’t have too much to say
But one day you walked out on me, I guess we lost our way

Saw you last Tuesday, you were shoppin’ down at Sears
Lookin’ through the lingerie to buy a new brassiere
You still look like a B cup but I guess I didn’t mind
You were ready pretty steady, and I hope you’re doin’ fine