Dance If You Can

   You want to talk like a lady and walk like a lady can
   And you want to act like a lady but no one will understand
   Dance if you can, dance if you can, dance if you can

I dressed you in satins and linens, we strolled by a lovers’ stream
Rode through the park in a buggy and dined on a French cuisine
We waltzed until three, just you and me, like off in a dream

You looked like the new light of morning, the lace, the coffee, the smiles
You showered some dusty like petals and danced through my mind all the while
We dipped and we twirled, a pause and a swirl, our very own style

I chased you ‘round old Piccadilly and caught you in Monterrey
One eve down in Holland I lost you, saw you dancin’ in Marseilles
As you leapt through the air, not even a care, you saw me and waved

One night many years from tomorrow, we’ll meet once again by a shore
With the stars as the lights to our ballroom my arms will entwine you once more
The old one, two, three, as we glide to the sea like never before

     Dance if you can, to the tune of the band, dance if you can
     In three quarter time, when the last dance was mine,
     But you don’t understand