Isle of Never

In the years of my youth when I chanced for to stray
In search of my fortune from Wonderment Bay
As I set on my journey not knowing my way
In my mind was a vision of longing
With my duffel of dreamings and wallet of fears
I set sail for my Isle of Never

After decades of voyage through hardships and pain
Passing by from the swelling of Neptune’s domain
I was cursed by a storm of dimensions unnamed
And my float I tried valiantly saving
I was soon overcome by the wake of the waves
Nearly ending my Isle of Never

Through the gloom and the smoke and the fog crashing down
I was tossed from the bridge through the breakage of sound
And in falling to nowhere I struck to the ground
I could not understand where it came from
In the heart of the ocean, uncharted, unclaimed
Could I be at my Isle of Never

I was close to my dying but later survived
As I set out in search of another alive
One to walk with, or swim with, or even to fly
I was left all alone ‘neath a rainbow
And the sun through the clouds set the jungle a-fire
So majestic, my Isle of Never

There was beauty in everything, truth unforeseen
From the coral still breaking the hard angry sea
To the mountain, a summit my eyes could not see
And the radiant colours unnumbered
There was fruit in abundance on trees of the land
So fulfilling, my Isle of Never

And I fell to my knees and I worshipped the soil
Vowing ever to harbour amidst my own toil
And I promised myself that the land would not spoil
I would change nothing, nothing would change me
I was part of this vision and it part of me
Here I was on my Isle of Never

As the years soon adjourned and I prospered within
Finding hope for the future, my past growing dim
My abode was the mountain, my dwelling its rim
And from there I could see all the glory
Here the new me was born and the old one would die
How I loved my Isle of Never

Then in dawn of a living my sun settled down
As I lay on the rim of the mountain I’d found
And I watched on the waters still lapping their sound
My lifeblood began in its ebbing
And my eyes softly closed and my breath slowly waned
There I died on my Isle of Never