Wish You Were Here

Sailed out of London when the war was done
Became an immigrating Englishman
Rode to the prairies, not too much was there
The winters got so lonely, and no one seemed to care

Rose and the Guitar Man weren’t far away
We passed by in shadows but they couldn’t stay
Martha’s the mystery, the rest I never knew
The dream is long forgotten, like to start again with you, and I

      Can’t get you off my mind, think about you all the time
      The pain’s more than I can bear, wish you were here

Too many memories are left behind
Halloweens and birthdays, even Valentines
We still got tomorrow; we can catch up on before
It’s springtime in the Rockies and I love you all the more

Gaze at your picture each and every day
Brings on a smile each time I see your face
Long hair a’shinin’, that twinkle in your eye
If you knew how much I love you,
    how I want you here beside me, and I

It’s hard to say I love you when my tongue is tied
Can’t say I don’t because you’d know I lied
I’d like to say I miss you with your innocence and lace
It’s so lonely in this hotel room and you’re so far away

So listen to Jesus if you’ve got the mind
He’s still out there talkin’ to you all the time
Poetry’s the story, and music is the plan
Such a sweet communication, now I hope you understand why I