(my song to Jesus)

How many hours must I walk in the shadows
Not turning my head ‘round to see if I’m followed
Not knowing the reasons why all this is questioned
Still somehow I know that although it’s not mentioned
There’s someone I can’t see who walks there beside me
And if I’d allow they’d be somewhere inside me
Felt something so strong as I happened upon you
Just stopped for a moment, such a feeling came from you

     And I want to stay with you
        take me away with you just for awhile
     And I want to pray with you
        all of the way to your home in the sky

I know when you died you were younger than I am
So pure and so humble, a life made for loving
You showed me the doorway and held it wide open
The light shining through from the words that were spoken
I know you’d forgive me, it’s there for the asking
But wishing alone here cannot make it happen
This life that I’m living brings all kinds of sorrow
But I’m turning around now, I’ll be home tomorrow

I’d sure like to know you through some understanding
Of love and devotion, it’s all so demanding
But I’ve seen your children, you spoke to me through them
Put new life within me, showed me what I could do and I’m
Much closer now can’t you feel that I’m trying
To be as you want me, I’m so close to crying
I’m now writing songs of the love you have for us
You gave me the words and the tunes and the chorus