Old Trains

Old trains are dyin’, more planes are flyin’
Crash into a billion little pieces on the ground
Some demonstration for some tiny nation
Sorry ‘bout the kids mom, we’re just tryin’ out a bomb

Bright BMW, red light it just went through
Ran down some old lady as she’s walkin’ ‘cross the street
Hand on the cellular, line direct to a lawyer
“Fax me out a bill John, got to grab a bite to eat”

   Sons & daughters, moms and fathers, read the evening news
   All the gab in the tabs, “Honey turn back the page”
   Grandpa was my hero when I was just a kid
   And bobby sox were sexy, ducktails all the rage

We’re all a bunch of thieves stealing blessings on our knees
We pray to go to heaven but we’d rather go to hell
If you were God, you’d damn the bunch of us
Even saints are sinners now as far as I can tell

   I wanna say, give a reminder

Earthquakes and mean typhoons walk the gangplank two by two
Lookin’ ‘round for Noah as they slide into the sea
Dungeons and dragon bits, fat man hollers, “P--- on it.
Someone’s got to go and so it might as well be me”