Analysis of Man 

Where are men to be forgotten from the rights they have deserved
Where are men to be remembered for the glory they have served
Where are men to be desired for the kindness which they show
Where are men who have no fortune but for fortune in their know

In the books of which they’ve written, on the tables they have dined
On the grounds that they have traveled, in the towns they’ve left behind
In the long remembered scriptures and the records of the law
In the hearts which they have entered and the heartbreak they have caused

Where are men who seek out reasons for to kneel and pray beside
Where are men who never humble but yet run away and hide
Where are men who show no feeling towards love or hate or fear
Where are men who cease to wonder why they laugh or cry in tears

They are ones who smile at daybreak and retreat before the dark
They are nothing but for stature in their souls and in their hearts
They are ones who are accepted but rejected in the end
They do nothing that they shouldn’t, not unless they know they’ll win

What is man but for a symbol carved in stone on mountain sides
What is man but for his longing for his guns and for his knives
What is man but for a colour in a childrens’ crayon book
What is man but for a vision on which other men will look

Man is nothing what he seems to be, he is only what he is
Man is molded from a molding and then cast aside at will
Man can never be another, he can only be himself
There is no one else to turn to, man is man, and nothing else