Just a Man

Now many years before my time and I suppose yours too
There lived a man that few men saw and fewer ever knew
His stature in the physical was not one meant for all
But what he didn’t have in brawn he had in heart and soul

He was educated dearly by his poor beloved ma
He was one of many children who had never seen his pa
In boyhood days he toiled hard in fields of wasted lands
Before he’d reached his teenage years he’d grown to be a man

And then the hurting sorrow hours when by his mother’s side
He prayed to God Almighty for a shining light to guide
And in the dying moments as his loved one passed away
He dedicated all his years to help all people pray

       He was just a man, a child of God like any other man
       He was just a man, but what a man

He became a small town preacher known only to a few
But his prayers and words of kindness were the ones that pulled them through
For he loved that dedication and he preached with yearning plea
For to take the road to heaven down upon the bended knee

With his little book of wisdom and his heart of solid gold
He would preach his favorite sermon and the message always sold
It was one about a giant and a little shepherd boy
And the way they fought the battle, one an axe and one a toy

And the axe it had much muscle while the toy had only love
And the fight was one of principle ‘tween the axe and up above
And still it rings out clearly how he summarized his words
“Think it over congregation, take the cross or fight the sword”

And he traveled over many lands and many waters too
Spreading word about a guiding light for folks like me and you
And his memory still lingers for good things don’t pass away
He was just a small town preacher who helped others find the way