I'm Your Guy

Can’t buy you furs and satins, give you weekends in Manhattan
Or a carat diamond ring from DeBeers
Can’t buy emeralds or rubies, a new cream coloured Mazarutti
Or nice gold earrings for your ears

   But I can give you a smile when you’re angry, a little tickle when you’re mad
   A squeeze just for being friendly, some understanding when you’re sad
   I got a fresh rose for your table, the best lovin’ you ever had
   Now ain’t you glad, that I’m our guy

Don’t have a sailboat for the weekend, a lodge in Jasper just for skiing
No fancy health club membership key
Don’t have a video recorder, a brand new chesterfield suite for you
Don’t even have a black and white t.v.

   But I got a long walk in the moonlight when you find that you can’t sleep
   I make you supper in the evening, maybe even rub your feet
   And I always do remember to put the lid down on the seat
   Don’t you think it’s neat that I’m your guy

This ain’t no Robert Redford profile, pearl white Michael Jackson smile
No Arnold Schwarzenegger-like physique
I got no stocks or bonds or mining futures, a microwave or a home computer
Or a string of pearls to make you look unique

   But I try and visit with your family every second month or so
   And you know I think you’re pretty ‘cause I always tell you so
   And when you really need attention I try and love you extra slow
   By now you know, that I’m your guy

I know I hardly ever take you dancin’ to four-star restaurants for romancing
No journeys off to Honolulu
No silk nightgowns or visa card, a picket fence or a second car
I don’t really seem to have too much for you

   But I don’t get drunk and beat your body, you hardly ever hear me swear
   And I sing those songs that I wrote for you just to show I really care
   I could run into a perfect ten and though I might want to stop and stare
   You know I wouldn’t dare, as long as you were there, ‘cause I’m your guy