Valley of Recall

           The light before the waning hours
              flickers, never glows
           Amidst the reaching mountain tops
              and trickling streams below
           It’s my recollection hide-away
              my valley of recall
           The setting where I reminisce
              my days of rise and fall

           And in the deepness of the mist
              which settles in the field
           A self-hypnotic feeling
              a command to which I yield
           It presents the greatest questions
              that a man can ever find
           It asks the wheres and whys of life
              and thoughts of former times

            Love has no shelter, can't you see
             The evening air comforts me

           And throughout nature’s stillest hours
              where sound is seldom heard
           I contemplate on why I’m here
              what purpose I’m to serve
           For I feel it is my duty
              to contribute what I can
           For only when I find myself
              can I be called a man