The Slide

Early on one Friday morn in the town of Aberfan
Where children played and miners slaved their tired and weary hands
Two hundred young had left their homes to learn their eager minds
And as they smiled of days to come two million tons came down

   And even all the warnings
   Could never save their lives
   Why did we send our children
   To die beneath the slide

One hundred years the mountain loomed a killer cold and still
Could man not see his fate to be one day that slide would kill
They felt the fear but all their calls were cast aside to die
And as the slide came rumbling down they wept and wondered why

And lying in their tomb of coal the childrens' silent cries
While worried fathers side by side would fling the slag aside
And as they pulled the bodies free so climbs the soaring toll
A miner finds his broken son and cries for evermore

And after seven sorrow days a tear in every home
For as they died they were returned beneath the blackened coal
And as we stand and wonder why we did not heed their call
Oh can’t we see that soon again another slide may fall