the room grows smaller

coming from out there
to seek refuge within your warm walls
of indifference
was both comforting and rewarding
but the walls are closing in now
the days are growing shorter now
and the hours within them
have dwindled to but a few hurried minutes
as the air begins to stifle slowly
and the cigar fumes and whisky stains
coldly leave their hindered mark
on our newly bought clothing
the questions again begin to haunt
our young but weary minds
for after much too long an absence
from the world as we remembered being really born to
we find now that there is only one home for us
and although it may not be of the same country
or on the same street
for ‘our street’ became too busy to flow with ease also
we find that we must believe as we did
and dream as we did
for without these ambling dreams which kept us alive
when we were dying
and taught us to swim as were drowning
and taught us to fly as were falling
without these fond remembered dreams we should surely perish
and what would be left of us then
but the waste of the unused struggle before
and the horror of the struggle yet to come