The Glow of Dawn

We see the blackness of the night
We see the light of the day
We never miss the grey of dusk
That majestic sinking ray

But who of you throughout this land
Would dare to call me wrong
When I declare that the greatest is
The brilliant glow of dawn

   For with this glow the daylight comes
   A bright and shining morn
   A day that should have been here by now
   Except that sadists scorn

For there are those among us now
Who live the nights so dark
They’re marching now with their voices strong
Just to see that daylight come

They’ve seen the dusk but not the day
They’ve seen the dark too long
And all the time you can hear them pray
Just to see that glow if dawn

The rights of them and the rights of us
For we are equal men
And so until we live as one
I’ll lend a helping hand

For hands like yours and mine my friend
Can help to right this wrong
We’ll have to stand and fight as one
No matter how hard or long

And so I’ll stand and I hope with you
Together we’ll be strong
Horizon bound we will turn our eyes
And see the glow of dawn