The First Gardenia

I know that angels sing and what sorrow love can bring
These things are taught to me by folks like you who help me see
That each journey has it’s end and just as soon begins again
You’re goin’ home much too soon that first gardenia’s just in bloom

   But I know you got a home back north to go to
   A family that’ll be there when you land
   Just hold on girl ‘till April ‘till the
   Snow has left that Maple Leaf
   And you can see those prairies once again

Full moon reachin’ for the night just o’er the hill with all it's might
Becomes a streetlight in the sky for songs we sing of days gone by
You’ve been my home you’ve brought me songs, a feeling that I might belong
Oh how I’ll hate to leave this land the ocean breeze that endless sand

Those lovely treetop flyers who have been my midnight choir
And the natives with their lovely eyes that somehow make you realize
Just why the sun is always here, I love you all, and if I dared
I’d let you know most every day, I wish that we could really stay