That’s My Story

Have you seen a smiling angel
Standin’ on a mountain overlookin’ everybody
That’s the way my soul is turnin’
Each and every hour that I sit here thinking of you

     That’s my story, that’s the glory
     That’s the way that I feel about you
     That’s my story, that’s the glory,
     Why I’m never blue

Have you seen a young lad a’weepin’
As he sits and wonders why his little brother died
Maybe then you’ll know the meaning
Of the silent moments as I gaze into your eyes

Have you seen a poor man a’smilin’
Well he’s telling all the world that he’s thankful to be living
If you have then stand close beside him
‘Cause if he wasn’t happy then you might be frownin’ on him

Have you seen a young land a’growing
It’s casting out the terrors that are trying to keep it down
Can’t you see the troubles it’s holding
Why don’t we stand together, try and help it where it’s bound