Sailin’ Away  

     Sailin’ away, sailin’ away
     On such a beautiful day, a beautiful day
     Breeze is blowin’ my way, blowin’ my way
     And I get carried away, carried away

We’ll leave Vancouver Island to Tokyo
The sampans of Taipei to Borneo
Lunch in Darwin and Singapore
And stay, until I go

We can spin ‘round Ceylon to old Bombay
And Oman borders the Arabian Sea
Mozambique to Mossle Bay
And stay, until I go

Then we’ll turn for Lagos and Grand Bassam
Pass by the Senegal and into Lisbon
End up in London where I began
And stay, until I go

Cross to Dartmouth to Sanibel
Out past the Amazon and ‘round Cape Horn
Back up to Lima, dock in Tambor
And stay