It seems spring don’t come ‘til autumn on the prairies
It’s June and the birch trees still are bare
It’s not hard to remember
Those cold winds of September blowin’ there

Folks don’t seem to mind they keep on smilin’
With hearts so warm they never feel the cold
From first thing in the mornin’
They’re workin’ in those rollin’ fields of gold

   And we sing about those cowboys on the range
   And the farmer's life that never seems to change
   No matter what we do some things just can’t be improved
   So close to God, so very close to you

Skies stretch on forever on the prairies
Breezes from the foothills cool my brow
Back here in Alberta
With some family and a girl I’ve come to know

You know it’s not too hard to wonder where we’re going
It’s more important how we play the scene
We got to give back all we’ve borrowed
When that final curtain’s lowered on our dreams