For All The Alien Children 

For all the alien children, children of the world
That come to live in Canada
Let me gaze upon you, every boy and girl
Gather ‘round me hand in hand
Now I look around and see the faces
I feel your colours move and need to say to you
The beauty that you bring is what we are made of
Though it’s not our native land it always will be home

And all the alien children, teach us your wisdom
Help us learn to understand you
Share your religions, what you believe in
Just who you are when you’re pretending
Tell us all your stories your myths and your fables
Your greatest villains and your favorite heroes
And don’t forget your friends, the laughter they gave you
Bring along those children’s songs, the games, the dolls you knew

For all the alien children, can’t you see
You are here to carry on
This is your tomorrow, your history
Both you and Canada are still so young
We all have one God for whom we will die
The future’s waiting now but you must realize
Your memories and dreams are of an alien child
Treasure these and all you are if we are to survive