Best Friends

Your best friend never faults you when you fail to do your best
And never turns their back on you or puts you to the test
Your best friend never fails to help you up if you should fall
Or turn to ask you for a hand or be there when you call

Your best friend always laughs with you and always shares your tears
And knows your secrets, all your dreams, and all your hopes and fears
Your best friend walks beside you, not in front and not behind
Not sometimes, but forever, yes, a best friend’s hard to find

Kids nowadays have BFF’s, a new one every week
They often find these friends on line, some they never even meet
But true friends come with times when you can look into their eyes
And not much else need be said for true friendship never lies

Your best friend has no colour or religion that you see
You cannot see their gender or how wealthy they might be
A friend will always tell you what a special kind you are
And when your nights are cold and dark they are your shining star

Your best friend you would die for, and would probably die for you
Your best friend’s always patient when you’re angry, when you’re blue
Your best friend might be Jesus, or it might be Lucifer
‘Though others may not understand, that’s what friends are for

A friendship takes a lot of years to realize the bond
To go through joys and tragedies that make a friendship strong
Your best friend is the reason for the best times of your life
And love is when you realize your best friend is your wife