Ballad of Justice

In a warm summers eve on the ninth day of June
In the torrid year of fifty nine
A young girl was assaulted and a young girl was killed
Her torn and broken body left behind

   Who killed Lynne Harper the town of Clinton cried
   Find us a man that we can send away to die
   It’s so horrid for a twelve year old to have to die this way
   Somebody surely has to pay

A young boy who was with her on the night that she was slain
Was arrested on the day that she was found
Fourteen years old, Steven Truscott was his name
And he became the victim of a town

   You killed Lynne Harper you took her for a ride
   You might say you are innocent but we say that you’re lyin’
   For at Lawson’s Bush you stopped and then you raped her on the ground
   That’s where the girl you killed was found

On the sixteenth of September after three months in a cell
They impaneled a jury of twelve men
The Judge’s name was Furgeson, a man of learned years
And in Goderich the beginning of the end

  For without a confession or a bloodstain on his clothes
  Eyewitnesses of fingerprints or something he had torn
  There was no direct evidence, just circumstantial say
  But they found the youngster guilty anyway

For seven long years minds forgot about the crime
Until Isabel Lebourdais wrote a book
And once again the doubts were raised, the public asking why
Maybe we should take another look

   A review was finally granted and the public had to smile
   They’d made up their minds he wasn’t guilty after all
   The Supreme Court of Canada, the highest in the land
   Took Steven Truscott’s life into their hands

And for three long months they would hear it once again
All the evidence that showed the years before
And the doubts were still raised and the country was amazed
This was one case we all were fighting for

   But still no one proved of his innocence or guilt
   Some thought he should stay in jail and others thought he wouldn’t
   But the law says to prove beyond a reasonable doubt
   When will they let the young man out

For even of the judges they could not make up their minds
Although eight of them had held that he should stay
But one judge descended; there are thousand more behind
While that boy is in a prison cell today

   And what of the laws of this great land of ours
   If they can’t prove him guilty why is he behind the bars
   And why is Steven Truscott made to suffer out the pain
   When the system of our justice is to blame