all that I ask 

for twenty two years i have been left alone
nobody to care for, nobody to morn
and then out of nowhere you opened a door
i was standin’ inside, i had no place to go

you said that you loved me, you said that you cared
you seemed so sincere and i knew i was scared
for the power you held i just could not control
and i gave you my body, i gave you my soul

i had nothing to offer, just love’s true desire
with our hearts close together, our bodies afire
i loved you so slowly and my mind gave away
and i told you i loved you, but that’s all i could say

i’ve kept myself single, i’ve kept myself free
oh girl, can’t you see what you’re doin’ to me
you’ve taken my pride and you’ve taken my shame
and all that i ask is you take of my name