After All The Hours

After all the hours in the moonlight
Crowded shadows fade to the morn
That’s when I’m thinkin’ about my baby
When she’s gone and left me alone

Thinkin’ about the beauty of her body
Layin’ there so warm at my side
There just for me and my longin’;
There for the thirst in my mind

       Seems like I just can’t see this
       Thing that’s come over me
       It’s nothin’ I can make sense of
       Confused about my circumstances
       When she’s gone I’ve been betrayed
       I shouldn’t have to feel this way
       I hope she won’t be late again tonight

I feel her tremble when I love her
She sighs with passion in my ear
Then I return to where I came from
Thanking someone for her so dear

She comes to me in the moonlight
Stays ‘till the shadows fade to morn
‘Till night I’m thinkin’ about my baby
When she returns for evermore