A Time of Asking

      I’ll travel many lands before I’m over
      I will go o’er many seas
      I’ll not yet close my roving days of ramble
      ‘Til I see what I must see
      But before I go my way to forgotten lands
      And leave behind me fragments of a broken sand
      I’ve got to find out if you really understand
      I may be wrong anyhow

      Now it’s not a fleeting memory I’m holding
      It is one that I’ll not lose
      But before I go and leave this town behind me
      Let me know why I’m refused
      Is there someone that you think is more in need than I
      Someone else that you might rather lie beside
      Is he the only one for whom your heart will cry
      Or am I wrong about it all

      Now I know that over yonder hill is waiting
      I must see the other side
      My duffle packed with memories I’m saving
      Should I stay, I can’t decide
      But if you would speak to me a kindly word or two
      Perhaps I’d settle down and try to start anew
      But maybe then again my rambiln’ days are never through
      ‘Cause after all I could be wrong

      For this feeling that I hold may not be always
      I may only care for now
      But I know I’d like to feel your warmth beside me
      Next to mine, through any hour
      I’ve been waiting ‘round to hear the words I wish to know
      But if you will not say them then I’ll have to go
      It’s up to you to tell me if the answer’s yes or no
      Am I right or am I wrong