A Masterful Conspiracy

The moon still shone at a quarter of dawn
When Sorley made it back from the jungle
But some rat squealed, the plan got peeled
And the telephone made everyone mumble
Was almost one when the job got done
No one saw him slip from the room
But Draco smiled with those evil eyes
And Satan howlin’ out at the moon

   Sorley did a number in the thirties
   Spent some time in prison down and dirty
   Draco tried to set him free,
   A masterful conspiracy
   A foolproof alibi, (don’t look at me)
   ‘Cause you’re never gonna hang that rope on me

An elegant score, about a hundred or more
The odds were that they’d never be found
Then Draco turned and Sorley learned
To memorize the faces around him
Come back stage, it was a hell of a rage
You could see them do it there in the hall
It just can’t wait, was the hand of fate
And money never really mattered at all

  Sorley did a number in the thirties
  Spent some time in prison down and dirty
  Now he has his memories
  Of all the things he meant to be
  And never was, (don’t look at me
  ‘Cause you’re never gonna hang that rope on me

Now legend tells how Sorley fell
In a dungeon full of pirates and thieves
Said don’t look back to the point of attack
If religion’s really what you believe in
Such a masterful conspiracy
Could have worked, but somebody lied
Just one rule, it’s a bottle of booze
And a mystery that nobody died

  Someone said that Draco’s back in town
  And no one wants to lay their weapons down
  Sorley’s suspect number one
  And he’s accusing everyone
  You made that rope a shade too long for me
  And surely now old Satan’s set him free